Ben's Lighthouse Fund

It is an objective of Ben's Lighthouse to make each event, activity and program available to the Newtown community at no charge. There is a wide disparity of income levels, and particularly discretionary income levels, in the area. In general, the residents of Newtown are not poor, though many are struggling. Families with children have typically had to stretch to move to this town because of its reputation for safety and good schools. We feel it is important that "affordability" not be a factor in determining who gets to participate in the Ben's Lighthouse activities.

Some of our funding needs are as follows:

  • Two full-time staff members to develop and run our programs;
  • Travel, meals, and ancillary expenses for outreach activities;
  • Expenses for events, including police support, paid speakers, etc;
  • Supplies for activities, workshops and events.

In addition, some discussion has begun with regards to building a state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced facility to host the Ben's Lighthouse programs. No decision has been made on this yet.

Unless otherwise designated by the donor (and agreed to by the Ben's Lighthouse Board), donations will be applied to the Ben's Lighthouse Fund. This fund is designed as an endowment to support the activities of Ben's Lighthouse in perpetuity. If you would like to contribute to a specific event, activity, or need, please contact Rick Haylon at

Ben's Lighthouse Fund is a perpetual endowment fund to support children in the Newtown, CT community. It was created in memory and honor of Ben Wheeler and his classmates at Sandy Hook School.